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A number of factors will determine the success in communicating and implementing a company’s vision. We believe Transition/1 and our channel are uniquely qualified to provide valuable planning, facilitation and implementation assistance that will build the accountability necessary to implement and keep a company on track with their business strategy and vision through aligning the key processes to financial reporting, operational, compliance and strategic objectives.

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Sage and Microsoft Partners' *** Improve ERP Implementation Success with eProcessManager®***

The eProcessManager® suite provides the ultimate set of tools necessary to effectively capture and manage a company's path to success. Easily align your business objectives with business processes, transactional systems, financial impact; then monitor with eProcessMonitor™ and provide timely feedback to process owners and management so corrective actions before the goals are missed.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower and position customers, partners and employees to get results through the strategic integration and alignment of People, Process and Technology.

We believe building, capturing and educating on corporate intellectual capital leads to continued improvement in productivity and prosperity together with the ability to deliver consistent results to customers, employees, shareholders and partners.

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"I should say that in all my 20+ years in the IT industry, no other product has ever excited me as much as eProcessManager and the second place-getter is miles behind..." -- John Houltham, Computer Solutions Limited
Collection Manager®

"We enjoy your product and would not be as effective without it." -- Charlotte Ramirez, Stan Koch & Sons Trucking, Inc.

"Collection Manager is the best program I've used as a credit manager in my 20 years experience." -- Sue Ehlinger, Pacific Polymer, Inc.

"Transition/1 provided the Motorcycle Safety Foundation with products and support to fit the specific needs of the company." -- Kevin Krasner, Motorcycle Safety Foundation

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